Work Item Assignment/Reassignment Notifications

I've seen many people requesting this feature or asking how to do it, and most of the examples on internet only cover notifications on activities so I decided to share this solution with everybody.

If you import this Management Pack, this will create 4 custom workflows:
  • Incident Assignment Workflow
  • Activity Assignment Workflow
  • Change Request Assignment Workflow
  • Problem Assignment Workflow

And 4 new notification templates:
  • Notification: Incident Assignment Template
  • Notification: Activity Assignment Template
  • Notification: Change Request Assignment Template
  • Notification: Problem Assignment Template

So every time a work item gets assigned or re-assigned to somebody, this will trigger an e-mail.
Feel free to modify the notification templates once you import the management pack.

Download the Management Pack, import it, and that's it!

This has been tested and it works on SCSM 2010 SP1 CU1.

New version for SCSM 2012 SP1 (it includes Service Requests and Release Records):
Download Version 2